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Dan MacGregor approached Pluspurple to build a unique website to showcase his digital art. The works being rather complex, intricate and detailed a simple design solution was chosen. With mobile devices in mind this responsive website was built to cater for the people on the go. See the work


Frischchind is a start-up that strives to have local, sustainable produce available to their customers throughout the year. The team behind the online marketplace for fresh produce from nearby Swiss farmers was keen to look professional but still feel authentic. Pluspurple was able to help them on getting that balance right. See the work


In a hectic world time is sparse. Wunderblick a lifestyle event in Switzerland wants to counteract this. Its credo is to bring people together in a relax atmosphere to make lasting connections. At the same time it wants to be a place of new ideas and maybe new and innovative business concepts. Pluspurple was involved from the start. On name giving to corporate identity design, web and all their printed media. See the work


Pluspurple was asked to design all aspects of the new Mooboo retail concept including branding, signage, POS and shop interior. The result - eye catching signage that stands out day or night and an interior that positively oozes fun and flavour. Come in and try it for yourself. See the work


Since its founding days in 1960 Mission Without Borders (Pro Adelphos) established many local offices all over the world. Pluspurple was asked to build a website which reflects MWB’s core identity but is flexible enough to accommodate the different languages and diverse cultural backgrounds of their local teams. See the work


Youth Connexions Hertfordshire forms part of Hertfordshire County Council's Services for Young People, and is a service that aims to provide information and advice, guidance and support, and personal development opportunities for all 13-19 year olds. We were asked to reimagine the website for its various audiences. The result is a beautiful content managed website that is a pleasure to navigate. See the work


The Present.me experience isn't restricted to your PC or Mac, you can also explore, download and share presentations right from your mobile phone or tablet. We designed the app from the bottom up for your handheld touch screen devices. See the work


For years, Ariela has recorded her thoughts and ideas in a paper diary. Moving with the times, she asked Pluspurple to create a blog to allow her to capture and share her thoughts in digital form. Pluspurple developed the name and design for her film, theater and book critic blog. The name in German means literally Cityharvest. It symbolises the ideas and inspiration you can harvest from a metropolitan city such as Zürich in Switzerland. See the work


Being diagnosed with the widely unknown ‘Diabetes Type One’ is never easy, especially at a young age. As there is not much support and understanding in the media and by the people around them, the newly formed charity ‘honey’ wants to change this. They want to build a new channel to help and inform sufferers and carers about the disease. Pluspurple delivered a fresh and striking logo and corporate Identity. The CI with its bold colour scheme will stand out from the crowd, and help attract the young audience. See the work


Hopton and Furlong is a collaboration between Designer Goldsmiths Martin Hopton and Tracy Furlong. Working closely with the design team, Pluspurple was able to turn Hopton and Furlong's vision into reality; a website that reflects their own approach to design. A website with purity, simplicity and restraint, which allows the work and all its brilliant detail to shine. See the work


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16.02.15 :

Over the last couple of month we have been helping some of our clients finding a suitable business name for their company or product. We came past this little tool which just made us smile. :-)

12.12.14 :

We always love words or letters in 3D. Its just fascinating how a 2D object seemingly transforms into an thing of depth and perspective. Here are some guys who play with depth in Type and some more nice stuff over here.

05.11.14 : We always wondered how a firework would look like when actually flying in one it self. Well we just got our answer... more over here.

05.11.14 :

We liked this online magazine. It is different, it is experimental and full of guts. Further more the cool use of html 5 has also caught our eye. Not to mention the simple but striking use of typography. More to BRUT over here.

25.09.14 :

We have been looking at and for type in motion for some time. The other day we came past nice example of experimental film. click here

20.05.14 :

We have been looking for some good wines for an up coming party. After much searching we came past this very stylish website. The layout is in the classical centered style with most of the charm and warmth coming from the photos. The subtle colours are nicely balanced by the photographs and further underlined by way the navigation works. For more vine loving click here.

18.02.14 :

Icons are not really something new. They have been used in different religions, in military and business for hundreds of years. However, there is always something new to say. Here is a range we have just completed for some of our clients.  present.me  ttischool or for the Loft Optik prize list.

11.12.13 :

"The spaces between the spokes make the wheel and not actually the spokes them self." One mantra we have been using in our designs since college days. When we came past this list of "Example of White Space in Webdesign" we couldn't agree more. Enjoy

30.01.13 :

The digital world is ever changing and so too websites and content providers. The big thing in website design for 2013 is "responsive design". Layouts collapse and adapt to any screensize, meaning instant compatibility for your tablet and mobile visitors. Here's a wordpress theme demo which just does that. www.adaptive-images.com

16.11.12 :

Music, graphics and great technology combined always make a project zing. The Universal Orchestra where the whole world can dance or play to the same tune is one of those projects. For more playing moments click here.